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clubs help

clubs help


In our continuing effort to help students, we offer FREE Club websites to all student clubs and organizations. Our clubs website service gives student clubs and organizations a low-maintenance and highly customizable online presence. Also, clubs that already have a website can integrate any of our tools and services into their site.
   club Creating club websites is FREE, and may help your club raise funds too
   club Club websites can include any of our tools and services (e.g. Book Exchange, Tutors, Study Groups, etc.)
   club Club administrator can create content, select menu options to be displayed to visitors, add items to calendar, and customize the website directly from the browser
   club Club member emails are kept protected from spammers
   club The following features are included in a club website:
  • Free form content for home page, contact us, about us, links, and many other page builders
  • Club Events and Calendar
  • Club communication tools: QuickPost! Cummunity Blog and Discussion Board
  • Members, officers, tutors lists
  • Password protected areas

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