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message center help

message center help

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: Why is the rcampus Message Center unlike any forums on the web?
A: The Message Center is specifically created for a class setting. Message center features not available in most forums are:

  • The ability to send a message to any combination of classes, teams, and individuals. In most forums, users can only post a message to a single board
  • Users can easily identify unread messages
  • Users can save messages in custom folders
  • Users can delete messages
  • Users can send anonymous messages

Q: What is the size limit to any message?
A: Currently there is no limit to the size of a message content. That may change in the future

Q: Does an account have a size limit for the Message Center?
A: Currently there is no size limit. That may change in the future

Q: Can I attach an image or a document to a message?
A: Not currently. Future versions of the Message Center may allow attachments

Q: I saw a message in my mail box, but I cannot find it anymore?
A: Here are a few ways that may have caused the message to dissappear
  • Message was accidently deleted. Check under the deleted menu
  • Message has been expired. Check under the expired menu
  • You have sorted the messages in a different order, causing the message to appear on a different page, or in a different location of the same page. Click on the column headers of the message listing to change the order accordingly
  • You are in the wrong folder. Click on the list of folders on the side, or click on All to see all messages

Q: Why should I use the message center if I have an email account already?
A: For several reasons:
  • It's much easier for your instructor to contact you via the Message Center
  • You can easily post a message to your classes, teams, or instructors
  • Available from any computer with Internet connection
  • Your personal email information is protected from unwanted use

Q: Can I send a message to my classmates or friends?
A: You can send messages to the entire class or a team. But since the Message Center is designed for class use only, it is not available for personal message to friends

Q: How do I send a private message to my instructor?
A: Go the write under messages. Check your instructor's name, write and post the message

Q: Is my instructor able to read all my messages?
A: Instructors can read all messages sent to their classes or teams that belong to their classes. However, they cannot read messages send to other classes or are for other rcampus services (e.g. Book Exchange, tutoring, or internship purposes)

Q: Can I send anonymouse messages?
A: Yes, if you are a student, no, if you are a faculty

Q: Are there any fees for using the Message Center?
A: No, the Message Center is a free service

Q: How do I delete messages?
A: please go to how to delete a message

Q: How do I save messages?
A: please go to how to save a message

Q: Can I view messages after a class is over?
A: Messages are viewable as long as the class remains active (set by the instructor), and as long as they have not expired

Q: What is message expiration?
A: To keep the message boxes clean, every message is set to expire (by the original sender). Expired messages are found in the expired mail box

Q: What is a folder?
A: A folder is to help you organize messages

Q: How many message folders can I create?
A: You can create as many message folders as you wish. However, the more folders, the slower your pages may load. It's suggested to keep the number of folders below 10, and keep their title short and concise

Q: I see messages from all my classes mixed up, how do I view messages for a single class only?
A: Select the class title listed under my classes section in the inbox

Q: How do I send a message to my team?
A: please go to how to save a message

Q: What does this icon next to a message mean?
A: It means the message has not been read by you

Q: What does this icon Teacher mean?
A: It means the message was posted by an instructor

Q: How do I see a list of replies to a message?
A: Click on the message to view it. If there are any replies, you will see them at the bottom of the screen

Q: Can I retrive my messages via Outlook or any email program?
A: No, but you can set your alerts settings to have a copy of new messages sent to your email address

Q: Are deleted messages permanently lost?
A: No, they are not. Deleted messages are sent to the deleted box. We periodically purge older messages when all members have deleted it or it has long expired

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