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The Impact of Accurate Evaluation

Case study: The Impact of Accurate Evaluation

Deborah Breda, a 4th grade teacher at Salisbury Christian School in Maryland, began teaching in 1985 and recently earned her master's degree in Educational Technology. While gathering data for her academic research, a colleague recommended RCampus as a platform that would help her work with students to organize her research data. Following the suggestion, she explored RCampus and was excited to discover iRubric, RCampus' comprehensive assessment system. She began relying on iRubric to simplify the process of gathering, analyzing, and organizing the research data which led her to complete her master's thesis. "It was wonderful," Ms. Breda said as she recalled iRubric's innovative, user-friendly features.

I made a matrix so I could see growth and decreases in each area.

Deborah Breda
4th grade teacher
Salisbury Christian School

Easy and On-Demand Setup

For her research, Ms. Breda studied the learning progress of students in a 7th grade classroom. She began by using RCampus' instant classroom setup to manage the class for performing assessments and collecting data. Next, she used iRubric to easily create an electronic rubric with specific grading criteria to assess students' essays. "The fact that I could take pre-test and post-test scores and show changes in individual was the bomb," Ms. Breda said cheerfully.

Quick, Convenient Assessments

iRubric enabled Ms. Breda to efficiently evaluate the essays in only a few mouse-clicks, and the customized digital rubric ensured consistent, convenient assessments. "Having it available digitally any time, anywhere is a major plus," Ms. Breda said. She only needed to input the data, then iRubric saved her time and effort by automatically calculating specific outcomes. "The process of inputting all of the data takes a while," Ms. Breda explained. "But once you get all that data in [iRubric] compares apples to apples." iRubric even arranged the outcomes into a variety of easily understood visual representations. "It made my thesis look really classy by organizing the data into graphs and charts," Ms. Breda added.

Timely Evaluations for Accurate Outcomes

After using iRubric to develop her successful thesis, Ms. Breda has concluded that the system provides an invaluable method for easy-to-use, accurate evaluation. She appreciates iRubric's intuitive design and comprehensive capabilities. "I made a matrix so I could see growth and decreases in each area," Ms. Breda said. As a teacher, she recognizes the value of such an effective assessment system in the field of education. "This method is better than the usual comparison of students' test grades one year to students' test grades the next year. That isn't fair to teachers. [iRubric] shows data collected from the classroom, which is more accurate," Ms. Breda explained. "There's so much emphasis on measurable results right now, and iRubric makes it easy to document them."

Ms. Breda used RCampus to manage the 7th grade classroom that she studied for her research, now she is looking forward to implementing the platform in her 4th grade classroom this coming school year. "When you dive in and see how user-friendly [RCampus] is, you see how it can really streamline your teaching," Ms. Breda said.

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